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Short (10-15 min) tutorial videos exploring and explaining the modern JavaScript features, frameworks, and the ecosystem.

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I focus a lot on functional programming, modern ECMAScript features and React.

For everyone who wants to be a better developer, get a broader view of JavaScript world and help his/her career.

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Latest Videos

006. JSEX Solutions Part 1 [FREE - Full Video]

This is a part one video where I solve JavaScript examples from the JSEX repository

functional exercises

005. Lodash pt. 2: Curry, memoize, debounce, and at

In this video we will walk through some more Lodash functions and we will also have a look at how one can implement those.


004. Lodash pt. 1: Working with arrays

Lodash is an extremely powerful set of utility functions aiming to help a developer with daily tasks, for which the standard JS library is not good enough. In this part, we will learn map, flatten and look at more complex examples where lodash shines


003. Migrating To React Hooks [FREE - Full Video]

React is preparing a new API which is called Hooks. Hooks is basically a way to create stateful components without using classes. In this quick tutorial, we will convert a classical React component with a state to a functional one.

react functional

002. The Spread (...) Operator

The spread operator (three dots) is one of the most handy new features of JavaScript. It can be used to quickly get access to all function parameters, destruct an object, and in other usecases.

es next standard library new features

001. The Mighty Reduce

In this video we are taking a closer look at the reduce function, when it can be handy and how to implement other array functions like map and filter by using it.

functional standard library

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Get full immidiate access to all the videos for streaming and download.

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